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...is Widescreen Advocate's own widescreen educational campaign.

Click on the numbers to the right to find an array of download materials that we have available. Please download these files and distribute freely.

Some Distribution ideas:
Give flyers or brocures to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, church members, club members, etc... Stand by the door of your favorite rental store and pass them out to the folks going in/out. Better yet ask permission to put them on the counter in the store and keep the supply stocked... Get a group of friends together and canvass your neighborhoods... Keep a flyer handy to explain to a friend when they want to know about the "black bars" when you sit down to watch a DVD... Spend some time at your favorite DVD retailer. Talk to the employees in the electronics department and explain to them the truth about widescreen. Leave some flyers behind so they can easily explain it to a confused customer... Print out a sticker and put it in the window of your car, your significant others car, your mom's car, your dad's car, and so on... Rename your dog OAR... The possibilities are endless just be creative and spread the word.


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