widescreen advocate contributors

Widescreen Advocate would like to thank the following people for supporting this site.

Rachael Bellomy - Penned: "Pan & Scan is just television, OAR is theatre!"
John Berger - Support of WA @ The Letterbox and Widescreen Advocacy Page.
John Berggren - Originator of the OAR watchdog list.
Malcolm Campbell - Support of WA @ DVD Answers.
Parker Clack & Ron Epstein - Support of WA @ Home Theater Forum.
Ryan FB - Major contribution to the OAR watchdog list.
Jeff Hall - Support of WA @ Audio Video Forum.
Mike Knapp - Support of WA @ Home Theater Talk.
Steve Martin - Support of WA @ Widemovies.com.
Patrick Mirza - Support of WA @ Davis DVD.
Jay Sylvester - Support of WA @ OriginalTrilogy.com.
Scott Weinberg - Major contribution to the OAR watchdog list.

We'd like to acknowledge the creators of these OAR educational materials:

John Berger - Created The Letterbox and Widescreen Advocacy Page.
Jeffrey Forner - Author of our Advanced Widescreen/OAR Primer.
Bill Hunt - Author of Widescreen-O-Rama @ The Digital Bits.
Scott Moran - Created the Widescreen Resources & Information Pages.
Randy A. Salas - Author of the Widescreen 101 series, and staff writer for the Star Tribune.
Richard Sliwa - Created the Harry Potter Widescreen vs Fullscreen Comparison.
Jan Strnad - Created The Atombrain Guide To Letterboxing.
John Stone - OAR info at twowiresthin.
Ryan Wright - Created a wonderful OAR/Widescreen flash tutorial.

As well as the creators of these OAR petitions:

Christopher Bligh - Created the successful Charly OAR petition.
Dave Bennett - Created the Muppets in OAR petition.
Jeremy Conrad - Created the successful Blockbuster OAR petition.
Christian Gillet - Created the successful Harry Potter Region 4 OAR petition.
Rain Greene - Created the Columbia-Tristar OAR petition.
Chris Hillery - Created the successful Cats & Dogs OAR petition.
Phong Huynh - Created the successful Willy Wonka OAR petition.
Adam Lenhardt - Created the Matilda OAR petition.

We'd like to commend these directors for insisting on OAR for their respective films:

Michael Bay - Pushed to have Pearl Harbor released in OAR only on VHS. Both an OAR version, and a widescreen version with slightly bigger bars during the battle scenes was released.
Richard Donner - Insisted Goonies be released on DVD in OAR only against the wishes of Warner Home Video.
Bob Gale - Corrected a framing problem with the widescreen editions of Back to the Future Parts II and III.
Martin Scorsese - Teamed up with Philips to launch the Philips Widescreen campaign.
Unknown - We'd like to thank whoever is responsible for releasing Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Castle in the Sky in Widescreen only editions on both DVD and VHS.

As well as these media outlets for educating the public about the benefits of widscreen:

Minneapolis Star Tribune - Published a series of articles aimed at educating mainstream consumers about the benefits of widescreen and oar. The series is entitled Widescreen 101, and can be found in the downloads section.

If you'd like to add your own contribution please e-mail submissions to: joshua clinard


The following Home Theater and DVD communities support OAR/Widescreen on DVD.

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