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What is Widescreen Advocate?

We're a not-for-profit advocate group started by a couple of film enthusiasts who would like to see the integrity of our favorite medium preserved in it's original format. Or in other words, we think movies are works or art, and we don't want to see them cropped when they're transfered to DVD.


Who are the Widescreen Advocates?

Joshua Clinard co-founder and owner
Joshua is an Information Technology Professional, and has been working for Abilene Diagnostic clinic for almost a year. He is a Navy veteran, a Christian, and a conservative republican. In his spare time he likes to watch movies, listen to tak radio, and design web sites. He currently maintains several sites, all of which are accessible through his home page, at www.joshuasplace.net.

Eric M Jones co-founder
Eric has worked in the tech industry for 7 years. He was a Senior Designer at xSides Corporation, prior to the company hitting financial hardship in 2001. After leaving xSides he began emj creative (a web design company). Besides being an avid film/home theater enthusiast, Eric is also an accomplished woodworker who builds custom speakers.


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